Astronomy, plasma-partical physics, and atmospheric science are all classed together here. Other subdisciplines include energy systems as applied physics and theoretical physics.

Meet a Scientist

Deborah Haarsma, PhD, Astronomer
Josiah Lewis: PhD, Meteorite Physicist
Finding joy as a teacher in a field dominated by researchers

"I commune with God spiritually over math, and love to do this communing in community with students."
Robert Kaita: PhD, Physicist
Sharing faith in unusual venues as a plasma physicist

"Being a scientist would let me go places and see people I’d never be able to as a 'formal' minister."
Katharine Hayhoe: PhD, Atmospheric Scientist and Communicator
Representing the cutting edge of climate science

"Somewhere along the way I ran into the realization that science isn’t just about understanding the universe; it can have real-world implications for people who are suffering today."