Katharine Hayhoe: PhD, Atmospheric Scientist and Communicator

Dr. Hayhoe in the Southwestern USA, among cactus and an old-style windmill
  • Professor at Texas Tech University
  • Contributing to efforts like the U.S. National Climate Assessment and the Paris Agreement through which—I hope—science can make a difference to our world.
  • Participating in events designed to raise awareness about climate change: from talking climate science on the White House lawn with President Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio, to helping the mayor of San Antonio launch his city’s climate action plan, to working with city planners and water managers prepare their local communities for a changing climate.
  • Receiving unexpected recognitions, from making the list of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People to being named as one of our local YWCA’s Women of Excellence.
  • Being given the opportunity every day to try and figure out what God was thinking when He designed this amazing planet that we live on, and how we can fulfill the responsibility He’s given us to care for “every living thing on this planet.”