Which Scientists are Represented?

This select collection of profile-stories from diverse individuals is roughly divided by science-related discipline. BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, EARTH SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, MATH-COMPUTER SCIENCE, and PHYSICS are the main portals to the profiles. These broad categories only approximate the background and expertise of the authors. Any single individual may actually represent an array of subdisciplines that bridge among the main categories. For example, how do we classify Climate Scientists? Their stories may appropriately be accessed under PHYSICS but are also obviously EARTH SCIENTISTS too. ENGINEERS are spread among the other disciplines in their actual study and practice. These applications of engineering include, environmental, agricultural, space-science, electrical, etc. We also have educators among all the main categories. These are primarily teachers of science, commonly across disciplinary boundaries. There are also several remarkable individuals with science backgrounds that now apply that to other important Kingdom service, including clergy.

Don’t expect everyone presented here to have diversity of experience in science with the exactly same perspective on faith. In fact, many profiles quote scripture and describe communication between the Lord and His scientific disciples. However, not all the people represented here are at the same place spiritually in their respective journeys. Almost all would clearly consider themselves as Jesus Followers but a few are from faith traditions that vary from the “Evangelical” perspectives we are used to in the USA. All see study and practice of Science to be spiritual and not just material in essence. This conviction is true even for someone still looking for but unconvinced of the “Holy” in life. The deeper, more significant affections within humans, including love, compassion, service without selfish gain, empathy, and appreciation for beauty, are holy beyond any simplistic outlook on existence.

Some of the profile authors describe controversial aspects of their faith-science encounters. We are not here to preach about the right versus wrong details of this interaction. We are not here to convert anyone to our particular denominations or even to the Jesus faith itself. It is not impossible to imagine people without a mature or maturing faith, reading these stories. If so, we pray that they will seek the source of the wonder we describe. All life is truly evangelistic for most of us. The entire case for integrating spiritual with physical realities, to us, is to thank the Creator for not being distant or unknowable.

You are encouraged to read as many of the profiles as possible. They should be inspirational in context of finding a vocation, but they are outstanding “food” for the mind and soul, too. If you are inclined toward careers in Biology, don’t neglect to see what else is on this grand menu! The interdisciplinary nature of science and its practitioners is a very appealing quality for many.

The website grants anyone the unique opportunity of contacting these profile contributors and the rest of our great team (see the list under “ABOUT” in the Header links). Many ways for you to encounter the sciences are posted in a growing “RESOURCES” section.

Now, go exploring…….