Vocations in this category include electrical, mechanical, civil, space, biomedical, agricultural, environmental, geological, etc. While not really a science itself, It is easy to realize the connectedness of engineering with all of the sciences.

Meet a Scientist

Jeff Yoder: MS, Environmental Engineer
Developing sustainable water supply systems in Indonesia and Timor-Leste

"I am never so pleased as when I see clean water flowing for communities who live in a dry land."
Leslie Wickman: PhD, "Rocket Woman", Ministry Leader
Conducting research for NASA as Lockheed's "test astronaut"

"I still feel that God is my best friend, and He guides and directs my paths by opening doors to opportunities for me to serve Him in ways I could never have planned."
Steven Hall: PhD, Aquacultural Engineering (Biological and Agricultural Engineer, Licensed Mechanical Engineer)
Improving fish farms in South and Central America as a professor of aquaculture

"I am deeply satisfied with working with young people and hope that both they and what they do will outlast me and contribute to stewarding God’s people and world."
Micah Green: PhD, Chemical Engineer
Finding answers to skepticism in the Author of Creation

"This inspired me to pursue a career in academia; it was a way to be a missionary . . . a place where I could still use my strengths and interest in science and math."