Earth Sciences


There are many subdivisions under this category. Included are geology, geophysics, geography, soils science, oceanography, GIS, hydrogeology-water resources, etc. Other subdisciplines such as paleontology, geochemistry, and atmospheric-climate science overlap with other main categories.

Meet a Scientist

Mark Helmer: M Ed, Christian School Principal
Cow brains, fireballs, and other adventures in science education

"It turns out that some of the very skills of analysis and critical thinking that were so important in ‘doing science’ also translate well into leading a school."
Stuart Dykstra: MS, Hydrogeologist and Environmental Scientist
Drilling for water in Haiti

"Previous investigators had all acted on the same ideas, developed from afar, and they all had failed . . . Our conclusion was that suitable water wasn’t under the valley like everyone else thought; it was up the side of a mountain."
Alexandrea Fortin: MS (PhD Candidate), Geologist
Researching the earth, the environment, and public health via an unconventional path

"It is my goal to instill the same confidence in the next generation that my mentors instilled in me, and to teach others how to move forward in the face of adversity."
Gregg Davidson: PhD, Geology Professor and Water Scientist
Following a fascination with hydrology and a passion for theology

"My hydrogeology class eventually incorporated a weekend in the field getting wet and muddy, learning a revolutionary manual water-well drilling method . . . that allows third-world families to install their own wells."
David Curtiss: MS, MBA, Organizational Leader
A geologist on Capitol Hill

"It all began with my decision to pursue a degree in the geological sciences and then adding other skills and disciplines over time, never stopping the learning process."
Lara Bell: MA, Veteran High School Educator
Changing "just enough of the world" for high school students

"There are the moments in class when a student finally asks, ‘Miss Bell what do you think?’ and then I can share what I think . . . including how my faith in God is intrinsically tied to my love of earth and space science."
Richard Alley: PhD, Geoscientist ("Cryologist")
Reading the mysteries of Earth’s ancient climate on the Greenland ice sheet

"My job description really helps me in trying to do what is right: go to wonderful places with great people, learn what no human yet knows, and share that knowledge with others to help them do good things."
Tom Ackerman: Atmospheric Scientist-Climatologist
Wrestling with the ethical implications of climate science

"My colleagues and I had just published a disturbing paper on nuclear winter: the potentially devastating effects of a major nuclear war on global climate."
Dawn Wright ("Deep-Sea Dawn"): PhD Geographer-Oceanographer and GIS Chief Scientist
Mapping unexplored regions of the seafloor

"I am an example of success that came to someone not among the ‘expected’ candidates for science leadership."