Earth Sciences


There are many subdivisions under this category. Included are geology, geophysics, geography, soils science, oceanography, GIS, hydrogeology-water resources, etc. Other subdisciplines such as paleontology, geochemistry, and atmospheric-climate science overlap with other main categories.

Meet a Scientist

Vincent Morris: MS, MA, MBA, College Administrator, Insurance Consultant
Pursuing a lifelong love of learning as a college administrator

"I treat learning as a feature and a joy in itself, a way to better understand God and his work in the world, rather than as a prerequisite for a task."
Ian Gottschalk: PhD Candidate, Applied Geophysics, Stanford University
Advancing Kingdom work by providing water to communities in need

"By better understanding the earth, we can safeguard communities from natural dangers."
Kaitlyn (Bucky) Yates: MS, Soils Science and Agricultural Service
Serving the underprivileged in California’s Central Valley

"It is my background in geology, agriculture and soil science that legitimizes my seat at the table with policy makers, local government, oil and natural gas partners, farmers, and especially farm laborers."
Roger Wiens: PhD, Mars Explorer and Planetary Chemist
Successes and failures in developing the Mars rover

"God didn’t just answer our prayers; He did it first class!"
Jack Watson: PhD, Soils Scientist
Sent from a farm in Ohio to farmers around the world

"My heart is still to be used to minister internationally, but these days I find those opportunities are at my doorstep!"
Andrew Madsen: Undergraduate Geology Major
Making sense of interests in science, the outdoors, and helping others

"Even in just 20 years of life, I’ve seen God throw enough ‘plot twists’ at me that I’m starting to learn not to worry too much about what the future holds."
Matt Soerens: MS, Human Relations Leader
Prepared by an education in geology to welcome immigrants with World Relief

"The study of the natural sciences has equipped me well—in some ways I could not have predicted—for the work that I believe God has called me to do for the moment."
Gregory Snyder: PhD, Priest-Geochemist
Responding faithfully to God’s revelation as an ordained scientist

"Sometime in my first few years as a research professor at the University of Tennessee, standing before a crowd of 200 lunar scientists from all over the globe, the Lord spoke to me . . ."
Brandon Lewis: MS, MPA, Environmental Finance Consultant
Travelling the world as an economic geologist

"If you want to have fun and probably be paid well for it, do it."
Lauren Heerschap: M Sc, Geoscience Educator and Inventer
Carrying out God’s mission in the mountains of Colorado

"This project had the perfect combination of exotic travel, lots of field work, a mountain focus with a societally-relevant hazard, and poisonous snakes!"